Brothel sponsors Greek amateur soccer team

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LARISSA, GREECE – We recently reported that a condom manufacturer named the Greeks the world’s most sexual people. And it seems like they’re living up to the name. Not only are they shaking the financial nest egg of the European Union, they are also making headlines by mixing soccer with prostitution.

Many sports could be summarized as a bunch of guys trying to get a ball into a hole, but this time our friends took the allegory a bit further. An amateur Greek soccer team accepted a brothel as its main sponsor. From now on, the eleven players of “Voukefalas” will wear a pink jersey with the tag-name “Villa Erotica” on it. If they say prostitution is the daughter of poverty and the mother of many STD’s, it’s easy to understand why this team accepted such a sponsorship: “it’s the financial crisis, stupid!”

Prostitution in Greece is legal and brothels must register locally. However, human rights organizations estimate 20,000 women -mostly foreigners’ are engaged in illegal prostitution and another 13,000 are victims of trafficking. In any case, this team might have found a way to pay the bills; what we don’t know is what else they might be willing to do for money.

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