Final presidential debate results, voters split

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BOCA RATON, FL – Its official! If you thought the ‘Battle in Boca’ was kinda limp, you’re not alone.

Twitter says it suffered from ‘Low T’.

Tweet trackers say the debate had the lowest number of tweets of the three presidential debates.

Not surprising, considering that the fate of the world had to compete with Lions and Giants and Bears.

Most observers, even Republicans, say President Obama won the debate on style points, and Republicans say Gov. Romney showed he has the stuff to be a Commander-in-Chief.

Romney also utilized a boxing move in this third round with the President: the clinch, where you wrap your arms around your opponent:

‘I congratulate him on taking out Osama bin Laden and going after the leadership in al Qaeda.’

‘The surge has been successful, and the training program is proceeding at apace.’

‘You and I agreed that there should have been a status of forces agreement.’

‘Its’ widely reported that drones are being used and drone strikes and I support that entirely and feel the president was right to up the usage of that technology and believe we should continue to use it, to continue to go after the people who represent a threat to this nation.’

But that didn’t keep the President from going on the attack. When Gov. Romney criticized him for letting the Air Force and Navy shrink, the Commander-in-Chief showed he can also be the ‘Snarker-in-Chief.’

‘Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go under water, they’re called nuclear submarines. And so, the question is not a game of Battleship, where we’re counting ships.’

So what did Houstonians think about the debate?

Rene Sauer says she’s more comfortable with Obama. ‘Just in general, I feel more comfortable with Obama’s response to foreign policy particularly with regards to the Middle East. I think that he really won with that sector.’

Joseph Arduini is a Republican, but thinks Obama won. ‘I’m still Republican, after last night, necessarily, but still I’d say Obama got the win last night.’

And Lauren Thormaehlen gives the debate to Romney.  ‘I think Romney won the debate last night, mainly because I am voting for him, and mainly because I know all of his policies and stuff that he wants to go for.’

The good news is that all of this will be over in a couple of weeks.

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