FTC offers $50K to stop robocalls

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USA – Don’t you just hate getting one of those automated “robocalls” from an unknown number? They always come at the worst possible times. The Federal Trade Commission (the same folks responsible for the government’s “Do Not Call List”) is hoping illegal robo-calling will become a thing of the past, in the not too distant future.

Regulators are offering 50 G’s to the person with the best proposal on how to block the mass-solicitation calls, and anyone can participate. The FTC says these “shady telemarketers” place thousands of phone calls every single minute.

So, if you come up with the winning idea you’d become an instant celebrity, a national hero, maybe even have a school named after you? Who knows, but someone must stop this torture on America.

Entries are graded on three things: how well they work, how easy they are to use and whether it could be easily rolled out to the masses. The rules are posted on challenge.gov, so if you think you’ve got a winning idea…wait, sorry. I’m getting a call.

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  • bookreader101

    How about $50k per unsolicited call they make? I'm sure these telemarketers would stop calling on their own. And by then, I wouldn't have to report annoying telemarketers to Callercenter anymore. That'd be like a DREAM come true.

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