Jury selection begins in Jessica Tata trial

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HOUSTON, TX – The wheels of justice are starting to turn 20 months after the fire at Jessica Tata’s home daycare in west Houston.

Prosecutors say the 24-year-old left seven children in her house, while she allegedly took a shopping trip and neglected to take a frying pan full of oil off her stove top. As a result, four children lost their lives in the house fire that day, and three others were hurt.

Then Tata ran off to Nigeria. Now she’s back and its jury selection time in the trail of the death of one of the children in Tata’s care. Tata’s lawyers say the murder charge prosecutors are perusing is excessive, they say she didn’t intend to harm the kids.

We’re left scratching our heads though, because who in Harris County hasn’t already formed an opinion about Tata’s case?

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