Madonna Angers Denver Concert Goers with Violent Gun Act

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Madonna still knows how to ruffle feathers. She’s been causing controversy since 1982, but did the Material girl finally go too far?

In her recent concert in Denver during the opening act of her songs “Revolver” and “Gang Bang” Madge and her dancers used toy guns on each other and the audience while images of blood and violence were displayed on the massive screens behind them. Concert goers expressed their outrage on social media, while some defended her.

Madonna’s longtime publicist, Liz Rosenberg, had this to say to a KUSA 9news:

“This is Madonna expressing herself on stage as an artist. It is ridiculous to find a connection with the tragedy that happened in Colorado and this show….

Madonna like the rest of the world was horrified and felt terrible about it. But you can’t take violent art off the walls of a museum and you can’t remove the 3rd act of Hamlet. This is art.”

The album is built around these images.  As a native of Colorado I was deeply affected by the events that have gone on in my beloved home state. However, I do not think it is fair to point the blame on Madonna. This is art. What happened on July 20th was a sick and twisted reality. We cannot censor our lives as a result.

What do you think about Madonna’s use of guns in light of the Aurora theater shooting?

Viewers serve up their thoughts:

George writes: Maggie, what Madonna did was cruel & insensitive. That was so wrong!

Dennis writes: Wow… Madonna crosses the line, “a lot,” but using toy guns and blood on screen is way too much. Especially with all the violence going on lately: shootings and planned attacks… What a horrible act to throw in a concert.

Kristina writes: she may be an artist …but i look that them more as entertainers…i dont find that to be very entertaining…guns and blood. to each there own…but i wouldnt go.

Serve up your thoughts.

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