Sheriff’s office unveils new app to fight crime

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HOUSTON, TX – Rats get a bad rap. But sometimes it takes a rat to rid the city of the real rats.

Now the Harris County Sheriff’s Office is making it even easier through their I Watch Harris County program.

“What is I Watch Harris County? Let me put it this way: there’s an app for that,” said Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

The sheriff’s office unveiled an app that allows citizens to make an anonymous tip when they see something fishy going on.

“All we want is the information. Detailed information so that we can take those bad guys off the street and put them in the Harris County jail,” said Garcia.

I Watch Harris County have already cleaned up the streets. Check out what one tip uncovered.

“100 grams of marijuana, 7 grams of powdered cocaine, 2 grams of crack cocaine, a stolen pistol, and a 3-month-old infant,” said Sgt. Franks with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The baby went to CPS. The suspect faced felony charges.

How’s that for being a crime fighting rat?

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