Sleep deprivation impairs memory

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – Had a rough week? Need some zzz’s to regroup? Well good sleep is not a luxury it’s essential; if you want to have memories. That’s according to researchers at the Neurosciences Conference in New Orleans.

Six hours of sleep a night instead of the recommended eight, can make you absentminded the next day and wreck your memory.  The research gurus say: sleep deprivation robs the brain of connectivity to the hippocampus… a region essential for memory. Recovery sleep the next day not only makes you feel better but is vital to restore brain connectivity.

Unfortunately, the memories not stored during the previous sleep may be gone forever.  As one slumber scientist put it, ‘Sleep is the quiet time that gives the brain time to do the filing.’

These tests were done on mice so results may vary slightly in humans… uh, what does a tired mouse look like? So if you don’t want a brain like Homer Simpson’s, get at least eight hours of sleep.

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