Brothers claim $5M lotto jackpot 6 years after winning

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SYRACUSE, NY – Two brothers won $5 million in New York Lottery’s “Five Hundred Million Dollar Extravaganza” scratch off game.  That’s a big deal in itself, but the Ashkar brothers waited six years to claim their winnings; leaving only 11 days before their windfall ticket expired.

Talk about restraint! Andy Ashkar was concerned all the cash would negatively influence his life if he didn’t prepare before telling everyone about the good news.

More likely, he didn’t want a bunch of relatives crawling out of the woodwork wanting to get their hands on some cash.

Andy also said he didn’t want the money to affect his engagement and marriage. Guess she loved him without the riches, now she just has more to claim if they ever get divorced.

According to the New York Lottery, unlike regular lottery tickets like Mega Millions and Lotto that expire after a year, scratch off tickets expire a year after the game is retired.

The only glitch in the process, Andy bought the ticket in his parent’s store, leading to a routine investigation, which found that the ticket is legit and there was no funny business.

Good thing they didn’t wait another 11 days!