Couple claims Monster Energy Drinks killed 14-year-old

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CALIFORNIA – Monsters are supposed to be scary. That’s their job! Now, Monster Energy Drinks are the monsters we should be concerned about. Parents of a 14-year-old Maryland girl are suing the makers of the Monster drink because they say it’s responsible for her death.

Wendy Crossland and Richard Fournier filed a lawsuit in a California superior court claiming their daughter, Anais, died of heart problems after drinking two Monsters in two days. Even scarier? It’s not an isolated complaint.

The FDA has received “adverse incident reports” of five deaths involving Monster Energy Drinks. The Administration hasn’t established a “direct link” in any of the cases, but let this serve as a warning to all you little monsters out there.

Some say, too much of a good drink could leave you ‘paws up’… permanently!

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  • Oliver

    How did she get the monster drinks? Maybe the parents should reflect on the way they looked out for their child instead of trying to make money off her dead.

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