Live leopard shark found on golf course

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CALIFORNIA – There have been snakes on a plane, so why not sharks on golf course?

There it was, on the 12th tee at San Juan Hills Golf Club in San Capistrano, California. A 2 foot long leopard shark, wiggling like a fish out of water.

A quick-thinking attendant dropped the poor guy in a bucket of salt water, clocked out for his break, and set off to put the little fellow back in the ocean…

No one is sure how the shark got off course, but since the Pacific Ocean is just 4 miles away, they think a bird may have lost his lunch.

But that shark wasn’t the one that snagged a surfer some 200 miles up the coast.

Four friends were at surf beach when one was attacked by an unidentified shark.

He was pulled ashore by his friends, but it was too late.

Maybe it’s better if the sharks just stay on the course or we stay out of the water.