Pope’s former butler goes to prison

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VATICAN CITY – It was a story almost as scandalous as the Spanish Inquisition.

Because nobody expected Paolo Gabriele, a former butler to Pope Benedict XVI, to peddle purloined papers from the Pope’s personal apartment.

He’ll be serving in prison soon, following his conviction for stealing the papers and leaking them to an Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzz who included them “Sua Santita” (“His Holiness”), a book the alleges corruption in the church’s hierarchy, claims that could affect who becomes the next pope.

Gabriele’s attorney tried to convince the Vatican City court that even though his actions were illegal, he was morally motivated and hoped he would be applauded someday.

The moral to this story is that even though there is an ‘I can’ in Vatican, you can’t.

Especially when it comes to ripping off the pope.

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  • Fabiole

    As scandalous as the Spanish Inquisition? You must be kidding me. As a loyal Catholic he would have had his neck stretched. He had no business stealing confidential information any more than having your butler stealing your papers and peddling it to the press.
    I'd like to steal some of your Pastors or Imans or Rabbi's papers and see what they say.

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