The perfect storm has forecasters spooked

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CARIBBEAN – We know it’s pretty late in the season, but there’s a storm rockin’ the Caribbean.

Hurricane Sandy battered Jamaica with 80mph winds before making landfall in Cuba as a strong Category 2 storm.

At least two people have died, but that’s not what has weather forecasters so spooked.

Meteorologists are worried Sandy, along with a blast of Arctic air from the north, could collide to create ‘The Perfect Storm’.

Yeah, and that’s not just NewsFix being dramatic.

Some forecasters are actually comparing it to the so-called ‘Perfect Storm’ that struck off the coast of New England in 1991.

We’re talking gale-force winds, flooding, heavy rain…maybe even snow!

And get this: the freaky storm is expected to hit on Halloween!

Not scared yet?

It is also likely to hit during a full moon when the tides are near the highest, which increases the chances of coastal flooding.

And if you’re still not shaking in your boots, picture this:

If all hell freezes over like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, many fear the snow and power outages could last to Election day and we can all agree not voting in this election is the scariest thing of all!