Faith and Voting I-10 Billboard

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Chances are if you’ve been stuck in traffic this fall, you’ve been held captive by one political campaign billboard or the other.

But ease your troubled mind, a divine sign has revealed itself; or at least, a sign about the divine.

Dr. Ed Young and the Second Baptist Church have erected a sign that says, “Truth, Lies and America Today. How to Vote for a President.

The Sunday sermon’s influence  on politics is not a new phenomenon. Presidents Carter and Reagan both helped usher the religious out of the proverbial political closet, and encouraged them to vote with their soul. For better or worse, the political landscape hasn’t been the same since.

Ok, maybe Jerry Falwell had a hand in it too.

Now whether you’re voting with your soul in mind, or with various other parts of your anatomy, just vote. And if you feel like you need a little divine inspiration, well… there’s signs.

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