Disney’s first Latina princess isn’t Latina

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USA – We all grew up with larger than life Disney characters, but something was always missing… color. It took Disney 74 years; but in 2009 they finally added diversity to their leading lady. Now they’ve gone one step further and have given the world a Latina princess. Or have they?

A Disney producer says the new TV movie, ‘Sofia the First’ showcases Disney’s first Latina Princess, but the Studio says, ‘Sofia no es Latina.’

The flip flop might’ve been caused by the uproar that animated Sofia doesn’t look Latina or Hispanic. No dark hair, brown eyes or tanned skin.  In other words, she doesn’t fit the stereotype. Uh, neither does Christina Aguilera so is this bad?

Minority groups have complained about racial stereotypes for years. Doesn’t Sofia break that stereotype?

It’s too bad Disney didn’t officially make her Latina. Maybe she could’ve expanded a few minds.  Because after all, it’s a small, small, world.

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