Hurricane Sandy: Flooding begins from storm surge

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EAST COAST – We’ve been hearing it for days. Names like, “superstorm” and “frankenstorm.” Now it’s real.

Hurricane Sandy’s leaving sand in all the wrong places and she’s not even reached the shore yet! Look at any of NASA’s time-lapse video. From above, the storm’s actually kind of hypnotic. Back on earth, the hurricane loses a bit of that luster.

When the National Hurricane Center puts out a warning calling for a “life threatening storm surge,” you know folks in the northeast are in for a doozie. So, how bad could this be?

The flooding has already begun and the storm’s still offshore. Remember what Galveston looked like the day before Ike? Well, “the day before” in New York City has the East River on sidewalks, and left a huge construction crane dangling on West 57tH.

In Edgewater New Jersey, the water’s creeping up quickly. The New York subway system is already flooding, if it gets worse; imagine New Yorkers without trains for a while. Mayor Bloomberg told the New Yorkers, “Conditions are deteriorating very rapidly and the window for getting out is closing as the winds the winds start building this afternoon it gets more and more dangerous to go outside and so you are sort of caught between a rock and a hard place.”

At home, the only surge is at the airport with people stranded. United Airlines says they’ve cancelled 3,700 flights nationwide and some are here. The only way to get there? Drive!

The only people brave enough to do that are Centerpoint Energy linemen. They left early Monday morning to help. They will deal with the power surge, while millions will deal with Sandy’s surge.

It is Ike all over again, with the same price tag. The government thinks the tab could be $20 Billion. That’s a scary thought just days before Halloween!

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