Madonna booed for urging audience to vote for Obama

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – There was a time when Madonna opened her mouth and people loved it.

Not so much these days. Things seemed to be going all right during her weekend concert in New Orleans until she started a political rant by telling the crowd she didn’t care who they voted for, as long as they voted for President Obama.

She got some applause, but that quickly turned to scorn and boos, which allowed her to respond with a cheeky comment of her own, but turning around and lifting up her dress.

This was at least the second time this year she’s been booed. Back in July, a Paris (that’s France, not Texas) crowd let her have it for doing only a 45-minute concert. They even threw things and called her some nasty names.

Earlier this month in Denver, Madonna angered fans when she used a fake gun and a masked gunman during a concert.

Her publicist said Madonna doesn’t condone violence of any kind, but taking out the song would be like removing the third act of Hamlet.

Yeah, like maybe the part that says ‘The lady dost protest too much?’

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