Strip club sues state claiming tax exempt status

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NEW YORK, NY – Bad news guys, according to the New York Court of Appeals, all those late-night lap dances and champagne room shenanigans are not tax deductible. Who knew?

The owner of a club called ‘Nite Moves’ found that out the hard way. After New York tax collectors accessed some $124,000 in back taxes, the club argued in court that their performances should fall under the state’s exemption for “dramatic or musical arts performances.”

Turns out that in New York many art performances, like ballet, are exempt from paying sales tax.

Unfortunately ‘Nite Moves’ argument didn’t fly. In a four/three decision, the court ruled that these girl’s performances didn’t qualify. After all, if such finely tuned routines as figure-skating don’t qualify for the tax-free exemption, pole dancing won’t either. Meaning the club will be forced to pay up.

So if you were hoping for a deduction on all those ones you spent, think again. Even if you were just trying to help put a single mother through law school.