Study claims PMS is a myth, doesn’t exist

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TORONTO, CANADA – Myths have been around forever, from UFO’s to King Tut’s curse and even Bigfoot. But According to a new study conducted by some Canucks over at the University of Toronto, a much heated subject has been debunked… period!

Research showed there was no link between how women felt during their periods and their hormones at the time. In other words, the university study is saying PMS doesn’t exist. They concluded this by comparing 47 studies that followed women’s mood during their menstrual cycle. Only 15% of the studies found women got moodier during their menses; while 38% found evidence of grouchiness all throughout their cycle and then afterwards. In other worlds; all the time.

When broken down, more than half of these studies found no correlation between bad mood swings and menstruation.

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