Barkitecture Tour features dog houses built by architects

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HOUSTON, TX – Is your pup accustomed to living the pampered life? Maybe one of these custom built homes that were on display Saturday at the Houston Pavilions Downtown are more your dog’s speed.

“When you walk around and look at the houses, there’s a helicopter, there’s all kinds of innovative things like rain gutters that supply the water for the dog. They’re creative every single year it amazes me,” said

Julie Landry, Co-founder of Pup Squad Animal Rescue.

The fourth annual Barkitecture Houston Tour and Charity Auction features 22 doghouses built by local artists, designers and architects who create stylish, yet functional, doghouses.

“They spend months,” Landry added. “Some of them already told us their plans for next year, so they’re very competitive. It’s quite fun what they come up with.”

Owners of the area’s most spoiled canines had the chance to bid on and take home their favorite entry. With houses made of tennis balls, built in food and water bowls and things to keep your pup occupied, it’s hard for even the dogs to pick their favorite.

“I think the house is great! I mean it’s a modern day house that any dog would love. If I was a dog I’d wanna live there,” said Chad Hanna who stopped by to check out the houses with his daughter Lexie.

“It’s like amazing. It’s better than my house,” Lexie added.

What’s really cool is the money spent on these designer homes helps find homes for the dogs in the Pup Squad Animal Shelter.

“Our mission is to save puppies and mama dogs,” explained Landry. “There’s not another puppy and mama dog rescue in the city.”

At possibly $600 a pop, it’s likely these doghouses will be more of a conversation piece than a place for your pooch to leave its dirty treasures.