Doctors store teens skull in stomach

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PHOENIX, AZ – What better time of year than Halloween to tell you a story about a skull. A real skull.

But this story isn’t scary. It’s actually quite remarkable.

Back in January, an Arizona teenager was hit by a car while riding his bike.

Jake Falletich, 15, suffered a major blow to the head. His brain started to swell. Doctors had no choice but to remove a part of his skull.

Sometimes doctors freeze the skull to prevent infection, but Jake’s doctors must have been going for some kind of shock factor.

They put it in his stomach!

Jake said, “I’m just amazed at how like this can happen. You can take any bone or body part and put it in your stomach and keep it alive, and like live without it for a couple of months.”

After ten months, Jake’s skull is back where it’s supposed to be.