Domestic violence campaign lets victims know they’re not alone

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HOUSTON, TX – October is a month for honoring female survivors. Not just for those women battling breast cancer, but it’s also the time to acknowledge the issue of domestic abuse in our society.

Harris County Sheriffs and the people from Verizon Wireless partnered with Crime Stoppers in a campaign to prevent domestic abuse. With 25% of women reporting they’ve been abused in their lifetime and 33% of all female homicides resulting from domestic abuse; it’s important to let women know they’re not alone.

Verizon Wireless continues to provide life-lines by giving cell phones to victims through their Hopeline Program, which takes old cell phones and provides free wireless airtime for domestic abuse victims.

Crime Stoppers is also asking for folks in the community to hand over anyone who’s ever raised a hand in anger in an attempt to track down felony offenders. Because the most shocking statistic of all? 55-95% of victims never report their abuse.

Whether out of shame or fear, women should know there is help out there and you deserve better!