Harris County strips strip mall strip club out of business

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HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS – If you’re Jonesing for some bikinis and wings, or even breasts and thighs, you’ll have to look someplace other than Babes-North, in northwest Harris County.

Yeah, county attorney Vince Ryan closed its doors and stripped it of its chairs and poles because he claims it was a place for drugs and prostitution. ‘We are focusing on things that detract from the quality of life in nearby communities, especially in these kinds of locations. What went on in Babes distracts from the quality of life in the whole area. So we are working hard to close these types of businesses down.’

Ryan says babes became a common nuisance serving as a front for the sale of illegal drugs and sex.

‘The property owners almost immediately agreed to shut down the business, which probably, I don’t have it in front of me, but probably by the lease to the business that operated as Babes, they weren’t supposed to have illegal activity going on.’

Dino Caporal is the pastor of Grace Abounds Church, which is in the same strip center as the former strip joint. He’s also happy Babes is gone.

‘First of all, we’re thankful that this type of business has closed down, but at the same time we would like also to as much as possible minister to their spiritual needs, because that’s our first and foremost concern.’

County attorney Ryan isn’t against strip joints in his official capacity, but he says these places of ‘adult entertainment’ will have to parade nude women in accordance with the law.

In other words, touch not, and ye shall not be touched.