Man diets, loses equivalent of a pro football player

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MANCHESTER, NH – Glenn Blanchard is more than half the man he used to be. No, really.

A year ago, Blanchard tipped over the scales at 804 pounds. He’s spent the last year dieting and exercising, and even spending time in the hospital with infections. But the result has been, well, heavy, man.

“I’m now 474 pounds, 330 pounds gone,” he says.

You read that right: 330 pounds. That’s the equivalent of a professional football player, like Duane Brown of the Houston Texans who weighs in at 340 pounds.

A lot of Blanchard’s success comes from the encouragement and support from his wife and trainer. “It’s not just about being addicted to chocolate or food or wanting sweet things,’ notes his trainer Mary Wiseman. ‘It’s about what’s inside your head, how you’re thinking, where you come from, what got you to this place in the first place.”

He also gets encouragement from looking at videos that remind him of what he used to be and how he got there. ‘It’s hard to say, but I actually need that little dose of reality. It actually helps me to not go back to the old me.”