Man ends exam 5 minutes early, goes to jail

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HUNAN PROVINCE, CHINA – If you need proof that some stereotypes are true, like Asians and education, here you go. The nerds in the Hunan Province of China showed how serious they are about education when a proctor was arrested for mistakenly ending a test 5 minutes early.

Xiao Yulong admits he rang the bell early on more than a 1000 students taking the national college entrance exam. It may not sound like a big deal but it was. This test is the holy grail of tests for high school students competing for limited spaces in college. Students and parents were not amused and demanded government action.

The court didn’t sentence Xiao to death, just a year in jail for negligence. Fortunately for Xiao, he was given a one year reprieve which means he might not have to serve any time. Hey wait a minute, one year sentence minus a one year reprieve should equal zero time served; and they’re supposed to be good at math?