More families moving back in with parents

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to new numbers from the Census Bureau, more and more of us are moving back in with mom and dad, or having mom and dad move in with us.

Now day’s 4.3 million households in America include a parent, a grandparent and a child. That’s up nearly 4% since 2000.

Those who make housing their business have already picked up on the trend. Just this October Lennar started offering what they call the Nextgen line of homes built for mulch-generational families. It includes all the traditional aspects of a home including an extra “apartment space” for kids or grandparents. And with so many of these Nextgen homes already sold, all indications are, it’s a trend that isn’t stopping anytime soon.

While it’s probably no surprise that college grads are moving back in with their empty-nesters, the question is how long they’re staying. With high unemployment rates and student loans to pay back, the prospects for grads getting out the door and on their feet are slim.