Quilters stranded at Hobby Airport due to cancellations

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HOUSTON, TX – Hurricane Sandy did a number on the East Coast, on the ground, in the air and in between.

And it may be 1,400 miles between New York and Houston, give or take a few, but Big Sandy is making herself known to travelers trying to get into and out of Houston.

Airlines ended up cancelling more flights than you can shake a stick at to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. And a bunch of other cities, like Chicago and San Francisco are experiencing flight delays.

Marjorie Hallowell and Julie Stegna are from Maine. They spent Monday night and most of today in Hobby Airport. They were in town for the international Quilt Market at the George R. Brown Convention Center over the weekend.

“Our flight is already delayed, going to Chicago’ said Hollowell. ‘And we have a very tight connection, if we make it to Chicago, to get up to Manchester, NH, which we will then have a three-hour ride to get to our final destination up in Maine.”

Hallowell owns a quilt shop, and now they need to get to New Hampshire for the next show that starts Wednesday.

“We’re lucky to be stuck in Houston,’ said Stegna. ‘That’s not really stuck. Houston’s a nice area. It’s nice to be here. Family members don’t have power.”

Hallowell isn’t the only one in her family stuck in Texas. Her husband is a pilot for United based out of New Jersey, but he’s grounded in Dallas, because the Jersey airports are flooded.

Good thing these ladies brought their batting, otherwise, they might go batty waiting to leave our Hobby.