The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

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EAST COAST – She came, she shocked, and she soaked. Hurricane Sandy left millions of people in the dark, causing billions in damage and a trail of destruction hundreds of miles long. With all the rain Sandy brought along there certainly were a lot of fires that followed!

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the storm caused about 23 fires in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens as well as City Island in the Bronx. Hurricane winds are responsible for spreading fire from one home to the next on Breezy Point in New York, destroying 80 homes in all.

So, the big apple is now mourning the loss of nearly a dozen New Yorkers and getting into the rebuilding frame of mind. Bloomberg says the two biggest challenges facing New York City are getting their mass transit system up and running and restoring power to the millions of people sitting in the dark.

Getting the subway system running again will be no walk in the park, considering MTA’s CEO described this as, “the worst disaster the agency has seen in the 108 years.” Officials say anywhere from between 14 hours (yeah, right) to 4 days to remove all the water from the subway systems. The big soggy apple’s not the only place that took a beating from Sandy though.

Part of New Jersey’s Atlantic City Boardwalk collapsed from hurricane winds and Governor Chris Christie says the rail lines are a mess.

Sandy’s caused more than 30 deaths, and the northeast isn’t out of her sights yet, but hopefully it’s not long before the East Coast is clear.