Woman’s diary describes how she killed boyfriend’s dog

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WAUSAU, WI – We all know the world is filled with sickos, and a Wisconsin woman’s diary proved that. It wasn’t filled with entries of love and personal problems. Sean Janas, 20, had her diary filled with detailed stories on how she abused her boyfriend’s dog.

Investigators say one of the entries read: “I have never hated an animal so much in my life. Much less hate one or beat one. But the pleasure I get from watching her whimper in pain and cry out for help as I shove Drano and bleach down her throat is like no other.”

Truly disgusting! Sadly, the dog didn’t make it. Investigators say Janas slit the dog’s throat. She was arrested and charged with animal mistreatment and exposing an animal to a poisonous substance.

Seems to use there was only one real dog in this story.