Kids toy mistaken for UFO in 3 states

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TENNESSEE – On October 16, 2012, an unidentified object was seen in the sky. The strange object was seen across Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

Many people thought the sighting was a UFO. Is our government and military keeping secrets from the American people?

Does life exist outside our planet?

Well maybe; but the unexplained object was nothing more than a kid’s toy airship.

The airship, which is marketed as a ‘toy for all the family’, is 26 feet in length and flies solely by the power of the sun.

By the way aren’t UFOs supposed to be round?

This looks like a giant cigar.

The toy is constructed from a high-density, lightweight matte black film which reacts to the heat from the sun and gets bigger as it fills with air. It can reach heights of 30,000 feet.

Others believe it could have also been a weather balloon and then you still have those other people who think they actually saw an UFO.

Call will smith and tell him to get his men in black team together.


  • george

    Hey dumb dumb article writer. A ufo does not mean circular object. A kids toy 30000 feet in the sky unrecognized is a ufo! Also these two appeared to be tied together by some type of webbing with balancing weights. Also it was a lot higher than 30000. Not alien any more than an RH Negative human.

  • Abductee666

    Ok so they state it’s a toy. That’s fine and dandy but they also state it’s matte black. Hmm the objects being compared here are clearly highly reflective, or possibly self luminous. Thats a large gap to be filled by anything matte black. The other proble I have is they don’t specifically state the toys actual name, make, or where to purchase it. Another thing that doesn’t add up the the claim that the object is a toy is this, anything capable of reaching 30000 feet is a danger to any air traffic, so wouldn’t the FAA and the government in general banish any such toy from sale. All in all, I’m not saying the object is an extraterrestrial craft, but it’s certainly not a matte black toy capable of reaching 30000 feet! Think for yourselves people!!!!

    • roberta359

      This case has not been closed as being a balloon. Too many people wanting it to be so.?????? Too many discrepencies.

  • george

    D Yep i do have to say it probably is a scientific experiment of a terrestrial nature. It appears to be a high altitude balloon with balancing weights. Maybe static electricity or some other type of experiment. Definitely meets the true definition of a UFO. I have actually had one of the plastic bag UFOs. These are not that toy the article speaks of. I am sure of that. If you picture a 30 foot garbage bag thats the same material. These two are woven with or a part of another material and within the other material it seems to have bulling ball size weights. The toy spoken of is weak and cheaply made and couldnt stand up to the elements very long and the material would not be strong enough to support any other materials with out ripping.

  • Yoyoman_89

    The best way to be able to have a really objective approach regarding these kids toys (solar balloons) is to have played with them. I have achieved a couple of successful take-offs these last summer and here's what I think : They are black (to absorb the heat) and they are huge when they still are in your garden. But once released in the sky, very soon they become small and after a couple of minutes already they become tiny ! After 10 minutes you can still see them as a very small spot and beyond that, the only way to see them is with binoculars. In no way they look like that shiny "double cigar". They are also so light in weight that the wind pushes them in any position making them perform aleatoric movements that make them look like balloons indeed. I don't know what this astronomer has been seeing and all the other people but a sonar balloon ? No way !!!

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