Comcast demands cable box back in wake of Sandy

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MANTOLOKING, NJ – From floods to fires; New Jersey is a state of disaster, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Once the storm roared ashore, a neighborhood in Mantoloking caught fire, and a ruptured gas main had residents worried the entire area might go up in flames.

But it’s Comcast Cable that has some customers fuming.

Consumer blogger Seth Clifford says his distraught parents called the cable company to cancel their service (since it’s too dangerous to return to their home right now).

But Clifford claims Comcast had the nerve to tell them if they didn’t return their precious cable box, they’d have to charge them.

Aggravated, the family asked to speak to a supervisor.


Come Hell or high water, you still got to return the box.

But once Clifford wrote this scathing blog about his experience, Comcast suddenly changed their tune.

“We have already reached out to apologize for adding to his parents’ difficulties…please know we are working with our teams to ensure we handle all customer calls on a case-by-case basis.”

Ugh! Dealing with the cable guy is always such a nightmare!