Dog survives car wreck that kills owner

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LEBANON COUNTY, PA – It was a rough day for Pennsylvania pup, Sheeba.

Sheeba was in a car wreck that killed two people, including her owner. Now homeless, Sheeba was found trapped in the wreckage with a broken bone and bruised lung.

“She was just kind of limp, you know what I mean? Not responsive or nothing like that. And they said she was in shock,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Worhach, who took Sheeba in right after the wreck.

But every dog has its day and this is Sheeba’s.  About a week after her wreck, Sheeba’s coming around.

“She’s blown me away. I think dogs are extremely resilient and she’s evidence of that,” said Dr. Jennifer Fletcher with Animal Hospital of Dauphin County.

With the help of a fund set up for rescued animals, she received medical care.

“She’s a real trooper. Once we managed her pain, and got her a little more comfortable, she really has done well,” said Dr. Fletcher.

Even better? Now she has new family.

“She’s very quiet and she doesn’t know anybody either, so she’s slowly getting adjusted to our family. I think she’s going to be happy if we get her well,” Patricia Derry, who is adopting Sheeba.

Being in the doghouse never sounded so good.