Store owner takes a shot at burglars…with a sign!

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Burglars. They can be such a bummer for business! No one knows that better than San Antonio business owner Debra Trejo.

Crooks have been targeting her clothing store for months; prying open the back door, coming in through the roof and falling right through the ceiling!

‘They had all night to take everything so they took like $60,000 worth of merchandise and it took me like 3 years to replace all that,” complained Trejo.

No matter what she did, the thieves found a way in.

So in true Texas fashion, Debra decided to get a gun…sign, that is!

The sign offers a $10,000 reward for any police officer who shoots and kills a burglar at her store.

Guess what?

There hasn’t been a break-in since!

‘Once the signs came in it was a big turnaround,” said Trejo.

Customers had mixed reviews.

“I don’t agree with that at all,” said Sylvia Lopez.

“I had a business of my own and we know how it feels to lose everything when you work so hard to get where you’re at. I’m all for it,” said Loretta Ramirez.

If the threat of getting shot keeps burglars from taking a shot…well shoot, we don’t see any harm in that!