Time to ‘Fall’ back in time

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HOUSTON, TX – Circle your calendar because it`s that time of the year again.

The time to ‘Fall’ back by resetting your clock at 2:00 Sunday morning or whenever you go to bed this weekend.

Let’s get this straight from the git-go. We may get an extra hour to sleep, but we don’t get an extra hour in the day. That means when you wake up, you’ll still have the same number of hours to fritter and waste in an off-hand way, by taking a nap to try to catch up on the sleep you lost, by watching an hour of home videos to remember why you don’t go home, by replaying the last hour of the Texans game, or by walking backwards for an hour to see if you meet yourself before the time change.

If you think you can get in an extra hour drinking, forget about it. Bars don’t reset their clocks until after the un-happy hour of closing.

Well, our time is gone, the story’s over, thought we’d have something more to say.