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Early voting nightmares in Florida

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MIAMI, FL – There may be a lot of division in the air, but even in this moment, we can feel a sense of unity over one thing: Florida better not mess this election up!

Things are a little gloomy in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Democratic Party is suing Florida to extend early voting hours (seeing as that’s one of the few places where every vote really does count, the lines have been crazy).

Of course, the problems have been pretty mind-blowing too. Within an hour of the Miami-Dade Elections Department opening Monday morning, officials closed it down because they were short staffed and only had one printer.

Maybe Florida should take a note from New Jersey and have people vote by email (thank Hurricane Sandy and Governor Chris Christie for that).

Anyway, some are saying nearly half of all voters will have already cast their ballot by the end of Monday.

Let’s hope Florida voters are done by Tuesday. You just never know.