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Man whips girlfriend with his python

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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – They crawl, they slither, they can be poisonous. Or, as a Massachusetts man just recently discovered, they can be picked up and used as a weapon to beat your girlfriend with. 34-year-old Keith Paro is accused of beating his gal pal with a python.

The unnamed woman was soaking in a hot tub when Paro got angry at her for some unknown reason and according to West Springfield police, decided to whip her senseless with his 4 foot long pet python.

The snake smack down left the woman with bruises on her knees, back, arms and stomach. The same smack down left the snake dead. Paro threw the bloody python body into the hot tub, then allegedly broke furniture and stole some stuff before jetting out of the house. He faces charges of domestic assault and battery, larceny, malicious destruction of property and cruelty to animals.