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Nor’Easter threatens East Coast

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EAST COAST – In today’s Hurricane in a Hurry: Hell or High Water Edition; it’s been six days since super storm Sandy hit the east coast with a one two punch and the storm still isn’t down for the count.

More than a million folks are still sitting in the dark. Temperatures continue to drop and pretty soon east coasters will have to crawl into their freezers to keep warm. As if New Jersey hasn’t gotten its fair share of Sandy damage, a 2.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Ringwood, close to the New York border, early Monday morning. Fortunately there have been no damage reports, but how could anyone really tell?

Now, forecasters are projecting a nor’easter likely to hit east coast Tuesday and Wednesday. More powers outages, rain, strong winds and flash flooding. Come Hell or high water, the Red Cross is doing its best to keep our neighbors to the north from turning blue during round two. Since Houstonians know a thing or two about how long hurricane disaster relief can take check out the Red Cross website.

See what you can do to help, because it ’tis the season which means Santa Clause is already watching!