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The Undecideds: Still undecided

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GREENVILLE, SC – The long presidential campaign is stumbling to an uncertain finish.

This crazy train left the station 18 months ago in Greenville, SC,  all the way back in May 5, 2011, with the first Republican debate featuring only 5 of the 11 candidates with all but one flaming out in the ugly months that followed.

And now, after the debates, and conventions, and a gazillion ads everywhere you turn, some people want us to believe they have not made up their minds. They call themselves:  The Undecideds.

And just who are these, so-called undecided voters?

The latest CNN poll shows 4% of likely voters across the nation haven’t made up their minds, for whatever reason.

Maybe they’re easily confused between choosing ‘A’ or ‘B’, fishing or cutting bait, getting off the pot or, well, you know.

In a few hours, this nightmare will be over, and, for about half the country, another one might soon be starting.