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Women become good cooks when they’re 55

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USA – Julia Child nailed desserts and beef bourguignon; but maybe that wasn’t because of her French training. Maybe it was just her age.

A new study says women become perfect cooks when they hit 55-years-old. Apparently that’s when they can finally make a roast, rescue a meal, boil an egg, cater parties of 12-plus and make stuff from scratch.

The study, by the Co-Operative Food, says women of “advanced experience” are confident making tasty meals from next to nothing. They can make their own bread and pasta, and even whip up homemade ice cream on the fly.

But most of these ladies say they started their culinary journey in their twenties. So don’t throw in the towel and oven mitts until you’re middle aged. Start practicing now!

Or just have dinner at moms.