Bar predicts presidential winner based on each pint sold

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SUGAR LAND, TX – When it comes to elections, it seems the only thing worse than going to the polls is dealing with the polls, Newsweek, Gallup, CNN, these days it seems like everyone has a surefire forecast built to predict who the winner will be.

It’s enough to drive you to drinking.

At the Flying Saucer in Sugar Land, they’ve got their own way of doing things.

“In 2004 we did Kerry and Bush,” regional manager Jake Rainey says. “And in 2008 we did McCain and Obama and both times it accurately predicted the winner.”

And with a poll like this, you can bet the turn-out was through the roof. For seven dollars apiece you can buy a beer glass complete with your candidate’s mug and cast your vote, beer in hand: Obama, four-more-beers, or start-a-new-tab with Mitt  Romney.

“I wanted to come down and buy some gifts for friends who’ve been following as well and just kind of something to commemorate and remember,” says Januari Leo, who stopped by to pick up four Obama glasses.

Each glass sold tallies a vote on the board and even here, it’s almost too close to call.

“Well, it’s Sugar Land so I imagined it was going to be a little bit redder,” Rainey admits, “but right now it looks like it’s going to go blue.”

The good news is that even if your guy doesn’t win, you have a perfectly good glass to drink away your sorrows.