Brigadier general pulls rank, threatens to kill soldier

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FORT BRAGG, NC – Maybe Brigadier General Jeffery Sinclair watched The General’s Daughter one too many times, because apparently the 27-year army veteran is unable to distinguish the difference between movie military protocol, and the real life uniform code of military justice the he agreed to. He’s learning the difference now though.

General Sinclair, based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina is accused by army prosecutors of 26 violations of military law. Allegations include forcible sodomy, wrongful sexual conduct, and conduct unbecoming of an officer. A government lawyer read the list of stomach turning allegations between Sinclair and several female subordinates in North Carolina, Texas, and overseas in a closed court Monday.

Prosecutors say he used his rank and authority to coerce and maintain sexual relationships with female soldiers. He pressured one soldier into sending naked pictures of herself to the General. He also allegedly threatened to end a soldier’s career, should she cut things off between the two of them and even allegedly threatened to kill a soldier and her family if she told anyone about Sinclair’s sleazy affairs. Prosecutors also allege Sinclair used “inappropriate language” when referring to female soldiers.

Speaking on behalf of the general public, if these allegations turn out to be true we’ve got some choice words for you too General Sinclair!