California surfer survives shark attack

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HUMBOLDT BAY, CA – Not many people get attacked by a shark and live to talk about it.

Scott Stephens, 25, is one of those lucky people.

An experienced surfer, Stephens was catching some waves in Humboldt Bay, California, when this experience turned life-threatening.

Stephens said, “It came out of nowhere. It pinned me under, kind of shook me.”

That’s when he went Bruce Lee on his tail. He said, “I opened my eyes under water and punched the shark in the side of the head a couple times until it released me.”

Stephens surfaced and screamed for help. A couple of beach boys came to the rescue. One of them, Blake Barr, said “We hopped on him right away, me and one other guy that happened to be an EMT, hopped on top of him and basically used our body weight to hold everything in and make sure he wasn’t bleeding too bad.”

They put him in a pick-up truck and took him to the hospital.

Barr said, “We could just see that he was really gashed up, and he had like four or five serious gashes from his nipple down to his hip and was definitely bleeding out pretty good.”

Experts took a good look at the chunk taken out of Stephens’ surf board and think the shark was a great white.

That’s pretty scary stuff, but Stephens is in good spirits, cuttin’ up through his recovery. He joked about getting a tattoo over his scar.

If you think this stunt is going to keep him out of the water, think again. Stephens is already thinking about getting a new wet suit and surf board.

California sharks, beware.