Craigslist ads ask folks to trade sex for gas

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EAST COAST – As the Northeast continues to recover from hurricane Sandy’s beat-down last week, one of the biggest problems they face is a massive fuel shortage. But some crafty Craigslisters with some juice have figured out a way to keep up with the high demand by willing to trade their gas for a little T & A. Gives the term “gas pump” a whole new meaning.

The fuel might be in short supply but there seems to be no shortage of horny men who will barter their bounty of gas for some booty. These petrol propositions have been popping up all over the popular website. Is it capitalism at its best or at its worst? We’re banking on the latter.

One thing’s for sure, whether you answer the desperate ads, wait on the long lines or put up with the price gauging, you’re bound to get screwed in the end.