Florida prisoners denied dental floss, they sue

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PALM BEACH, FL – Inmates in Palm Beach County Florida are suing Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and you’ll never guess why. It’s a lawsuit about:  life, and the liberty to pursue dental health.

It all started last month, which was coincidentally, National Dental Hygiene Month. One inmate sued, and then another; now the total is up to 4. The lawsuit against the Sheriff is for dental floss and money… for their dental pain and suffering. Yeah, right.

The Sheriff won’t give his prisoners floss because he says it’s too dangerous and can be used as a weapon. By the way, police say these models of dental hygiene; have 73 arrests between them, some for violent crimes.

But the idea of dental floss for nefarious uses seems ludicrous; so we consulted YouTube and found excerpts from a dental floss documentary. Yeah can you believe it?

A former warden explains, “We had convicts packing knifes made of sheet steel. What they were doing was using dental floss with scouring powder. They would just cut that bunk and fashion a knife right out of it.”

There’s no law requiring inmates to receive dental floss, so it’s unlikely they’ll win but this whole case gives ‘armed to the teeth’ a new meaning.