Man setenced to jail for skipping jury duty

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TARRANT COUNTY, TX – Planning on skipping jury duty? Be wise and think twice. A North Texas man thought the idea was funny and ended up behind bars.

Jose Bocanegra Jr., a 20-year-old Mansfield resident had the delusion he could outsmart several judges by making up excuses not to reporting to jury duty between April and October. First he tried to be disqualified by saying he was the caretaker of an imaginary invalid, then he just didn’t show up. In the end he did turn up but left a few minutes later. Tarrant County’s courthouse officials got tired of this escape artist and sent the police after him.

Bocanegra was taken from his home in handcuffs. He was supposed to spend five days in jail, but mysteriously was released after two and a half. Either the judge understood he was scared enough to learn his lesson or this guy really knows how to talk his way out. Now he will only have to make his mugshot disappear from the internet.