Obama, Romney tied in Dixville Notch, NH at 5 votes each

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DIXVILLE NOTCH, NH – It was midnight in America as the ten registered voters of Dixville Notch, NH, became the first in the country to cast their ballots on Election Day. The final tally resembled the final polls with a tie between President Obama and Governor Romney: five votes each.

No exit polls, no fancy computer projections, no attorneys standing by for a recount. Just the process of democracy, American style.

The International Space Station may have the smallest number of voters. And that would be two.

Sunita Williams and Kevin Ford voted absentee while they were in Russia waiting to go to the space station, but they could have received digital ballots from the Johnson Space Center that they would beam back to Mission Control.

Astronauts have to ‘weight less’ time than the rest of us earthbound misfits,

Like voters in Miami-Dade County, Fla., and folks in the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash, Ohio, as in ‘get your Blue Ash to the polls and vote.’

President Obama voted early, but probably not often, then made a surprise visit to his Chicago field office.

Mitt and Ann Romney pretty much had the place to themselves when they returned to Belmont, Massachusetts, where they’ve lived for more than 40 years.

Romney returned to the campaign trail, heading off to key states to both candidates, like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

With all polls showing not a well-groomed hair’s difference between the candidates, we all may be wishing we lived in Dixville notch before this election day, and night, are over.