Relationships Surviving the Polls! Is Love Bipartisan?

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It’s finally here… Election Day! As we head to the polls to cast our vote one question remains will your relationship survive the Presidential outcome? Is love bi-partisan?

A Gallup poll conducted for says different political views is not a deal breaker for those seeking the perfect mate. Gallup asked 1,000 unmarried Americans whether they would consider marrying someone who holds political views significantly different from their own. The majority of singles — 57% — said yes. But a substantial minority of singles — 39% — said they wouldn’t be open to this kind of “mixed” relationship.

Younger singles are far more agreeable to the idea of marrying someone with different political views than are older singles: 66% of single Americans under the age of 50 are open to doing so, compared with only 41% of singles over 50.

And breaking it down along party lines: 51% of singles who identify themselves as Republicans say they would marry someone with significantly different political views, as would 58% of Democrats (60% of political independents say yes to this question). Large minorities of each group would not be willing to marry someone with opposing political views.

I would date someone with differing political beliefs. Opposites do attract. But if you have no common ground and find yourself wanting to change your partner’s mind then it is best to poll a new mate.

In the end, relationships built on love and respect for each other and each other’s beliefs will last long beyond November 6.

Could you be with someone in a different political party? Serve up your thoughts.

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