Tattoo parlor covers floor with 250,000 pennies

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GARFIELD, PA – Forget “penny for your thoughts.” try: “penny for your flooring.” 250,000 to be exact.

Mel Angst from Garfield, Pennsylvania covered her tattoo parlor and coffee shop floor with the shiny guys.

Angst said it was cheaper to glue down $2500 worth of Abe Lincoln’s than to buy tile. Labor didn’t cost her a pretty penny either. Angst traded tattoos for the manpower. Hey, a penny saved is a penny earned, right?

It took 300 hours over the course of three weeks to transform her 800 square foot shop.

Kudos to Angst. Some people can’t make “heads or tails” out of remodeling. But now she has flooring you can take to the bank.