Is James Bond Bi?! Erotic Scene Sparks Question

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For 50 years James Bond has been quite the ladies man. But when the new Bond movie “Skyfall” comes out is the secret agent “coming out”? Maybe he had a bigger secret then we all knew. Word is that Bond is bi. Say what 007?!

According to Movieline, there’s a scene in “Skyfall,” where Bond (Daniel Craig) and film villain Silva (Javier Bardem) do a little flirting. Bond is tied up, and Silva gives Craig’s sexy secret agent chest a caress.

Reports Movieline, “In response to Silva’s attentions, 007 replies, ‘What makes you think this is my first time?'”

When asked about the moment last month, star Craig shot down any thought to Bond being bisexual.

“What are you going to do?” Craig said at a press conference for the film. “I don’t see the world in sexual divisions.” Craig then added that while some have suggested Bardem’s Silva might be homosexual, he didn’t agree. “I’m like, I think he’ll f–k anything.”

For his part, Bardem has kept the sexual preference of his villain oblique.

“You could read it that way,” Bardem said to when asked about Silva’s sexuality. “That option was there in the script. The word that [director Sam Mendes] kept using was ‘uncomfortableness’. Beyond the sexuality, he wanted it to feel like you don’t know if Silva’s joking or not.”

So are you uncomfortable with the thought of Bond being Bi?

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