Houston home set on fire to cover murder, bodies found inside

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SOUTHEAST HOUSTON – Hearing about a house fire is nothing new.  But a house fire at a southeast Houston home came with a twist.

It all started when a relative showed up to the house to check up on the elderly relatives. But a gruesome discovery was made instead: two bodies.

Authorities say a small fire had been set inside the home to try and cover up the crime, but that plan went up in smoke because the fire was small.

According to police, the victims are 89-year-old Clements Vincent Dorsey and 61-year-old Barbara Anne Dorsey Alexander. Clements was a well-known pastor in the area. The other victim, Barbara was reportedly visiting from California.

The suspect is Dorsey`s 20-year-old grandson, Cameron Dorsey. Police say he`s going to be driving a 2004 gold Toyota four runner.

So you know the drill, if you see something, call police!