Mitt Romney’s President-elect website unveiled by accident

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WASHINGTON D.C. – So, what do Mitt Romney and the Houston Astros have in common? You know, aside from being known worldwide as the biggest losers in their respective fields? Turns out, neither one can keep a secret.

Sort of.

Earlier this month the Astros struggled keeping their new uniforms under wraps before the official unveiling at a party downtown. Three different times images of the teams new logo and uniforms slipped out into the public, no fault of the team’s either.

Then there’s this: Mitt Romney’s President-elect website.

Oh yeah. Turns out that mitt and his team had spent the last few months building “President-elect, Mitt Romney’s” official transition website, ready to roll out the minute he won the election. Problem is Mr. Moneybags came up a little short super Tuesday, but unfortunately that didn’t keep someone on his team from rolling out the website anyway.

And while the site was only live for a short while, it stayed up long enough for all of us to get a peek. And a good laugh.

And considering how much preparation would have been necessary had Mitt Romney won, it’s no surprise he and his team had the site ready to go. What’s surprising is that someone let the cat out of the bag.

Now if only we could hear the victory speech ol’ Mitt had ready to go.

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  • libnut

    Romney is most thorough CYA of all time, He is in smokey room ib 2008, decides to lose next time to an incumbent so it will be more believable only biggest fraud of entire world makes his cave in look suspicious despite careful planning right down to a "winner" website! Good acting, good plan then Dems get carried away and make Romney look like the deliberate premeditated LOSER he was all along. McCain was so transparent that when Palin perked his ticket, he HAD to announce his secret love for the most liberal Supreme of the last 250 years, Ruth(less) Badder Ginsberg…to shut down that momentum.

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